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Well we got the old 318 out of the Dart today and getting things ready to put in the new motor. What a task worked on cars a lot but this is my first real motor swap. Little difrent them fabing mounts and dropping a motor in a home build street rod. My buddy Cory came over and lent a hand. Few choice workds little blood and sweet and lotst of grease coverde clothing we got the old motor out. It is now sitting on the floor of the garage. Now time to get the new one ready to go in. I need to do the rear main seal yet and then it should be ready to swap the flexplate on the new motor. Clean up the oil and grim off the tranny. Think the old motor blew a head gasket and it got oil all over the tranny on the one side. Tranny mount looked a little ruff so spent 9 bucks and got a new one coming for it. Wont be much to look ot this year but it will be a Driver at least. Then maybe I can spend a little time on the T bucket and try to get that to a driving stage also. Would love to get both of them running this summer. Well time for me to crash after a long day of wrenching take care