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This is my 04 Monte Carlo Intimidator SS. Nothing to special done to it YET. Just a K&N and the stereo..JVC headunit, MTX 8001D, and a 12" Kicker L5 in the Kicker box.

UPDATE June 16, 2005 So today I ordered a 3.4" pully, 180* T-stat, and a U-bend delete. MORE POWER!!! LOL just what I need.

UPDATE July 27, 2005 Every thing has been done for about a week now. The gains are incredible. I think I lost about 2mpg but its understandable. Awsome mods deff recomend them to anyone with the L67

UPDATE August 19, 2005 My WizAired CAI came in today and was installed. That thing is awsome! REALLY brings out the sound of the supercharger.

UPDATE August 30, 2005 Added some pics I've been meaning to get on here. Not high quality but they'll do. Hopefully I'll get some pics of the mods soon.

UPDATE Febuary 07, 2006 Well the windows have been done for a few weeks now. Looks great but it's been to crappy outside to take any good pics.

UPDATE March 19, 2006 Wheels were sposed to go on Friday the 17th but they came in scratched. So Tuesday is the new day, pics to follow.

UPDATE April 03, 2006So the wheels have been on for a couple weeks now. I really like em! Get pleanty of looks too(hopefully thats a good thing). BTW I forgot to mention I put on Powerslot rotors and Hawk Break pads, deffinitly reccomend these!!! Also installed a new Kenwood head unit, this thing is amazing!

UPDATE April 04, 2006 Ok so It's only been a day but I ordered a 3" downpipe today. Hopefully it will be in by friday but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'll also be picking up some new plugs sometime this week. All us 6th gen guys know how much fun it is to change plugs! ::rolleyes::

UPDATE April 08, 2006 Well still waiting on the downpipe. Sent out for my PCM also, can't wait for that! Adding a complete list of mods...

UPDATE June 23, 2006 Well few updates... First the downpipe came in, had tons of problems! The car fell off the jack and the jack went up threw the radiator. One of the bolts on the manifold got stripped out while putting in the DP. So I had to take it to an exhaust shop and have it all fixed. So a DP that was sposed to cost about 5 ended up costing me more like 00 after all was said and done. Well then May rolled around, much better month. Went to a local car show and won my class(97+ Custom). Other than that I was a boring month. Finally a couple weeks ago my PCM arrived. WOW, very impressed. It really brings everything together, highly reccomended. As far as mods go, I'm done. Time to get her paid off. Nother show comming up early July, let ya know how it goes.