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A little more than a year ago we bought a property in Maine. The property had a 17 1/2 foot Glassmaster inboard/ outboard on it- half of the engine was missing, needed a lot of work, but the hull was in decent shape. After a year of offering to give it to anyone that would come get it, we still had no takers. Finally I listed it for free on "Craig's list. - No trailer, no motor- you haul it away.
Within 24 hours I had a response. An Explorer and an 8 ft. trailer showed up to haul it away. It took the whole family to push the boat off of the cement blocks and onto the trailer. The weight of the boat lifted the rear wheels of the Explorer,off of the ground, so the heaviest member of the family had to stand on the trailer tongue, while the rest of the family piled into the back of the Explorer for added weight....... and that's how they got the boat home. Just goes to show - if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it.
Just had to share!!!