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I've been renting a garage to re-do my '62 Bel Air wagon in, and I've been making slow but steady progress on it...... Until the attached garage next to mine burned a couple of weeks ago and the one I was in was condemned. At least my car wasn't hurt beyond making the upholstery reek of smoke and a couple of cracked windows in the doors that were leaning up against the wall beside the garage that burned. I was given to the end of that weekend to clear out, which wasn't easy since I had to work every day through Saturday, and the car is mostly in pieces now. The engine is in my shed in my back yard so I can't even move it under it's own power. I had a friend who works at a garage arrange with his boss to let me store it outside there for a while, but that just isn't good for a car with no front clip, doors, or windows. It has to do for now. I can't do any work on it where it is either.