Filed under: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air (Dixieland Delight)

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About one week ago i wanted to get my car repainted because the old paint was starting to chip and peel off the ol girl. I wanted to look good this year at the car shows, the main one rod run,so me and a few friends took on the task of painting dixie. This was the first time ever that i got to get hands on training with preping and painting anything didnt have a clue how to do it. With the help of Chris and Marty they showed me some of the ways to go about doing the paint. A full week went by sanding, tapeing, and spraying the DD waiting for it to be ready to get back on the road. Finally the day had come to see the end result and when the car went outside and seeing the sunlight hit the paint and show all its glory you couldnt have wiped the grin off my face. It was one of the greatist feelings in the world knowing that I had a part in the paint and dang does it look good. I just wanted to say a special thank you to Marty Chris Brett and Melody for helping me get this done.