Filed under: 1991 Ford Thunderbird (Supercoupe)

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I have my titanium valves ready and had new seats put in my new 99+ split port head castings and cut to my titanium valves. I'm going with 1.55 ex, 1.88" intake. Dave Dalke did an excellent job with the radius + many angle valve job and put a near mirror finish on the sealing surface.

I had an extra casting that I ported one cylinder on before I sent it to him, then he ported one cylinder the way he thought was best and flowed them. He beat my numbers on the flow bench by a few cfm. His cylinder was flowing 235 cfm intake and 199 exhaust. Last night I went to his place to pick up the heads and we started experimenting a little more with the intakes. After about 4 progressively aggressive port configurations, we ended up at 245 cfm on the intake with the 1.88" valve. I'm pretty happy with that. Now if I can duplicate that port job on the new castings, I'll be in pretty good shape.