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So, how's that for a broken roller lifter?

About 3 months ago I noticed my car was running bad. It started popping through the exhaust and clattering underneath the passenger side valve cover. It turned out that I had about .050 clearance on my #6 exhaust valve. So, I tightened it up to the usual .028 and took it for a drive. Right away it loosened back up so I knew I had a problem.

Well, after pulling the blower off, I found that broken lifter. As you can see, it's not just's destroyed! I was absolutely amazed to find that it didn't do any damage to the cam lobe either. (Thank God for billet roller cams) So anyway, after replacing the lifter and putting it all back together, it runs great. Perfect timing too, the weather is absolutely gorgeous here. Clear skies and low 60's in the middle of winter,'s perfect for cruising around in the old "Attention Getter"!!!