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Yesterday was so beautiful out i decided to finally get started removing the interior. Since the last 5+ years the car was in storage and mice and birds some how found a way inside the car i decided to start gutting it out. After removing the backseat i found where the little suckers were hiding. After clean up mouse nests and tons of lil rodent droppings. I removed the carpet and front seats and it turns out things were in better shape that i thought. The seats are in really good shape pretty much just like when i bought the car 19 years ago. The carpet is totally trashed though which isnt that big of a deal. And all the interior panels are in good shape as well just all faded out which i was planning on redyeing the whole thing black anyway. All thats left is the dash and dash pad which ive already got plans in the mix for a custom upgrade. The center counsle is the only thing i will have to put work into the rest is just a redye job. Its in good shape it just need a new center lid but i should be able to find something pretty easy. And now that its all gutted i see the floor pan is in decent shape i was planning on having to replace the entire floor but since its not to bad i can get away with just a few patch panels. So its all good i can start to see some daylight to this stage of the project.