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So, my next project is under way. I have been looking for a master cylinder and all the parts that go with it for my 92 Thunderbird. So far the cheepist I found was 400 used. I found this kid that was parting out his bird and talked him into selling me the master for $20. Before I could get it the car went to the scrap yard and the yard was plaining on crushing it the same day. I went out there and talked the yard into letting me take what I needed for $20. (NOT EASY) So I got the master and a hole trunk load of parts for my car. SSSSSSSSooooooooooo excited!

So this week I am going to be pulling my old master and putting the new one on. Looking forwerd to having brakes again. The only trick is going to be that the back calipers have not been used sens 03 or 04. I dont have the money for calipers right now and driving with the brakes the way they are is messing up other things. So, I have to try and get this done with the old calipers and hope they still work.