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So guys....

I ran into a little issue, I had to find a new job. So now budget is completely dead. I've been waiting for this job to come through. And it seems as if it's not going to as they are taking WAY to long to get everything taken care of.

BUT, aside from that...I plan on porting the subwoofer box. Since Jade is different than Clara (The Explorer), the system needs to be ported directly into the car so the bass isn't trapped inside the trunk. It should roughly double the amount of bass into the car.

If all else fails, I'll add another CVX10 into the trunk, doubling the system ontop of what I already have.

It's at roughly 600 Watts RMS, and if I add another, it will be 1200 Watts RMS, which is 200 Watts louder than my old system, which was insanely loud haha.

Anyways, I'm bored and have nothing to do, so I figured I'd share with you!


- Brandon