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On this page I am going to post the upgrades and any changes I do to Red Max.

I will post a pic of before and after, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message.

I was big into restoring and building show bikes for years and won a few shows. So you will be seeing me do little things that the normal Joe would never see, but if you are doing show bikes/cars every little thing counts. Red Max may never see a show, but who knows.

1/ The interior door pull-handles:

I look into the cup and see a screw, god that looks like “*”!

I have some pieces of black leather lying around the house and some art-board.

Using some thin cardboard from an old shoebox (thanks honey), you make a template that fits down into the bottom of the pull handle. One for the front door and one for the rear, you can use the same templates for the other side, but do not forget to make a mirror image when tracing out on the art-board.

Trace the patterns out onto the art-board and us an exacta-knife to cut out. I then cut out the leather larger then the templates, will trim back after gluing the art-board and leather together. After gluing the leather to the art-board (I used white glue) trim the leather to within 2mm (1/8th’) of the edge, this will allow for any gaps from showing.

Place into pull-handle and work leather edges in, and there you go. Clean, neat and looks great!