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So much more work has been done since last post. I'm sure I can't even begin to list it all! Let's just say having four days off for Thanksgiving was very timely. Most of the parts that were ordered came in.

The brake lines and fuel lines are in place now. Finelines provided great service and a good product. The front end parts from PST were good and bad. The lower ball joint bolt hole is too small and we think it's because they sent us the product for drum brakes and we have disc brakes. Also the idler control arm seems to be defective, it has too much play. Spoke with their customer service today and they were very flexible and agreed to swap parts out with us so we'll see how that goes. Otherwise there were no problems with their front end kit. Jeg's provided quick, complete delivery with great parts. Year One has everything, of course, but we were really annoyed to get a 15% off coupon to use and on that order the shipping was outrageously expensive. The leaf springs from Jeg's which were three times heavier than the stuff we ordered from YO cost less than half the shipping cost. Still waiting on items ordered from Jack's Mopar but he did warn us it would take a couple weeks.

Since we had to stop doing the front end while we wait to swap parts, hubby took out the rear axle in prep for putting in the leaf springs. Painted the rear and lots of othe miscellaneous parts. Put the exhaust manifolds on the engine still sitting on the engine stand waiting to go in.

We're also pulling out the front bench seat tomorrow to take it to a local upholstery guy who says he can get the houndstooth fabric and re-do the seats for us. Legendary has the front seat fabric (but not the underlying seat material) for over $500. Hopefully the local guy can help us out for a lot less.

Soon I hope to update the blog with photos. We've taken tons but they are on another computer and I never remember to use that one when updating.

Stay tuned - more fun to come!