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Well we assessed the damage yesterday and decided that we would try and repair some of the damage to the body the best we could got alot of it knocked out next comes the body filler primer and paint. Then the new tail light and the the replacment bumper i got. If we stay after it we should have it done by cruise night. Really hope i can drive it that week end. if not i have next year it will be the 25 annual so it will be nice to have a good looking ride then. I got some other work done like the blinkers finally flash found out i replaced the wrong relay go figure it would be behind the dash and not at the fuse box. found out i need to replace a few of the turn in bulb holders or what ever there technical term is any ways i got about 4 of them missing from behind the dash 2 are to let me know the emergency brake i never use is on and two to light up the speedometer thought i might have burnt out bulbs come to find out there missing all together... I love this car but it seems like its one thing after the next with it. Took out the clock blank and put in a pic of my brother and me the only pic i have of me smiling wish he could see what i've done with his truck and my car miss him but any ways the pic lights up when the dash lights are on thats really cool. decided to also take out the factory radio im going to turn that spot into a storage spot instead. the radio works its self but the speaker didn't i have a counsel my step dad made for a after market radio to go in so thats fine. figured out how the dash comes out so i'm going to buy some black leather at some point and wrap it in it to cover the one big crack running through it i got to figure out how to repair it so it can't get worse under the leather before i use a good adhesive to bond the leather to the dash. im going to break out the speaker grill and cut the leather there so i can install a after market speaker grill so when i do install the new speaker its access-able with out removing the entire dash. UPDATE: sanded the fender wells since i actually got the chrome molding off this time wish i would have the first time around found Alot of rust a bunch of pin holes and 2 medium holes on the passenger side and one Big hole on the drivers side and some good size big holes in the trunk were dirt sat between the trunk and fenders. BTW dont drive winter roads with a car only in primer i knew that but at one time it was my only running vehicle and my poor baby really suffered from it :( when i get her done this year there will be NO more winter driving at all with her as we now have my brothers truck fixed and a reliable mini van. I'll post some pix when its all finished and will update this as i go. Oh yeah got all the dash lights working except the brake light indicators. Well body work is done and fresh coat of primer is on her again hopefully in two weeks I'll have enough money to get the hardener i need for the pain. Then she will pretty much be done on the body work side for now at least in till i can get the money to have new metal put in instead of bondo. Want to put on some more white paint on the green to make her stand out a bit more will post pix when that is done..