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Looking at this web sight today seeing all the great cars out their could not help but think about my Dad Robert Frank Gladman it has been 17 years today since he passed from colon cancer, he was 57 to young. I remember him helping me get my first car a 1976 Camaro he surprised me big time back in 1983 that was to car to have back in High School. We both worked on the car as well in surprise him when he thought I trade it in for a Nissan (Dauston) 240z. It was actually a loaner. Three weeks later I got my Camaro back had it repainted with red stripe and even new plates on it. He came home that evening and nearly brought a tear to his eye. The car looked brand new. I never hot rodded the car even had the origanal Chevy hubcaps and white wall tires which was how the car came.

This is one my best memories I have with my Dad miss you always and know your are still watching out for me up in Heaven.