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This job was much easier than I originally thought.

My had ’73 Trans Am has a GM 10 bolt rear end with “C”-clip style axle shafts.

- Purchased: New Moser hi-performance forged steel axle shafts, 3 quarts of Royal Purple rear-end fluid, - Posi traction additive, and a new gasket.
- Drop the sway bar out of the way, by removing 2 bolts.
- Removed the wheels.
- Removed the rear differential cover.
- Drain the old fluid.
- Push the axle shaft inward and remove the “C”-clip and slid the old axle shaft out. (repeated on the other side).
- Noticed the bearings were worn...might as change it now while the axle shaft was out. Purchased new bearings and spacers.
- Using a bearing puller, pulled the old bearings and installed the new ones.
- Slide the new Moser axle shafts back in and reinstall the “C”-clip.
- Cleaned the differential internals.
- Cleaned the differential cover and removed the old gasket material.
- Applied the new gasket.
- Re-installed the differential cover.
- Removed the fill plug.
- Couldn’t get the Royal Purple container between the exhaust pipe and the differential (to the fill hole).
- Cut some rubber hose and slid over the Royal Purple container, and inserted into the fill hole. This worked really well giving the clearance needed with no spilling.
- Reinstalled the fill plug.
- Bolted and torqued the wheels back on.
- Cleaned up the rear end a bit.
- Lowered the car off the lift.
- Put it to the test .

Will add some photos later...