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I was talking to someone the other day about cars. He tells me he has a 69 Yanko Camero all numbers matching. I was thinking WOW. Well as we continued to talk something came out. It is all numbers matching because as he restored it he had the needed numbers stamped on said pieces. He tells me there is a company in California that all you do is send the part to them with the number and they take care of it and send it back to you. This car has all of the restoration documentation. This guy also had a build sheet and invoice made!

I think this is wrong on so many different levels. I am for restoring, cloning, etc...But isn't this fraud? Or is it all part of a new game? To those of us that buy those cars that are all numbers matching (intended to find or not) there is alot of money that goes into restoring and/or keeping the cars in that order. What about my car? We have friends that are "body men" this is what they do. Just so I can keep the car with all the original parts. The only thing on my car that won't be the original is the seats, interior, and the front and rear window. I would have loved to had those original as well but when they are broke, or just plain shot, there is no chance of that. So this will all be documented while we restore it.

What is your thoughts on this? Wrong or not?