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I started the restoration of my 1973 Plymouth. The pictures in my album show (thankfully) no major rust through and no unibody damage. All I need to do is to try to reshape the fenders, front vallance, header panel, and right side door. The other alternative is to replace the parts or weld in some patch panels. Not a bad start for a few hours work today.

Update: Over a year later. I started to work on my car again. Just ordered a centerlink from Texas Acres, and both inner tie-rods are bent as well. I pulled all the interior back out. I'm going to yank the engine and trans. soon, and begin the painfull time consuming task of sanding the body smooth.

Update: Everything is removed and waiting to get money together to buy an air compressor good enough to run a sander.

Update: Started to disassemble the engine to strip the paint and repaint with POR-15.

Update: Engine is painted and so ready to be dropped back in.

Update: 08-29-2010: I just got my new NOS fender home and placed it on my car. Now I need to find the right side fender.

Update: 01-10-2011: I bought a NOS header panel on Ebay, had to weld support bracket to it from the old hearder panel. Still on the look out for a right side fender and door.

Update: 02-09-2011: I found a used front lower valance panel on Ebay, has some rock dings in it, but can be hammered out. Going to have a local body guy try to straighten my right fender and door this spring.

Update: 02-19-2011: Today I did some welding and installed a patch panel I made from my old front splash pan. Ready to install the body panels and put a light skim of puddy and sand my but off till everything is smooth as glass.