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Why it's in my nature to have constant change is beyond me; but I like the fact that I could do what ever i want to my truck withing the boundaries of what the law can or can't see. Will I bend a law here and there in the pursuit of horsepower or the sweet nectar that is bass. Why must "The Man" suffocate me of my passion, why do you frown when I cut through the desert to cut 20 minutes off my time. Who's to say there wasn't a trail there when I got there. I love learning new things about my vehicle and in turn about myself. One of which was sure the speaker box is heavy but what happens if i jump a wash; clearly not heavy enough. Gear Heads are always eager to rev their engines when you pass but are quick to grab their tool box if they see you in distress. One beautiful Saturday morning I planned on washing Bronc's it had rained a week or so back and found a beautiful patch of mud that was calling my name. But this day called for something more than some soapy suds it called for a ten minute drive to the ButterCups Dunes in Imperial. Let a few pounds of pressure out of the tire and I soared to the top of the first dune. I played and scared my self a few times before calling it quits. But a snap tore through Linkin Park at 12dbs and I knew something was wrong. In a panic I gunned it hoping to make it to the bottom of the hill but the front wheels weren't turning and the rear tires were sinking. A Chevy Silverado came to my aid and as I hid my Fod Cap and turned my ford cup I thanked the man for helping me out. I love being a gear head.