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Well the 2010 edition of the Bandit Run is in the books. I finished it. In a rented Impala but I finished it. Things will be different in 2011. I am currently working with someone who is putting my Bandit back together after some bad advice from my ex-mechanic. The car should have been strong and it wasn't. I was very disappointed after waiting a year for this event. With disappointment comes change.I am determind to make the 2011 version of my Rocksho Bandit truly the version I have longed for. It will be stronger, faster and better looking than ever before. I am assembling a group of people that have my common vision and best interest in mind and we will make this happen together. I am down but not out. Negative things like the past week only fuel my fire for a better day. I am thankful for my friends from the Bandit Run and the love and support they showed me through this unfortunate turn of events. I will give updates as the picture of what I am going to do becomes clearer. First on the list is to save up some cash. lol. This set back was not cheap.

Be Good To Each Other


Manny "Rockshow"