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Hi Friends,

I'm back and ready to take on more shows. I finally received my first trophy (after a year of working on it). It wasn't much but something is better than nothing (especially when its your FIRST ONE!!!).

I've had some requests to put up pics of S-Series Nationals. I'M RUNNING WAY BEHIND - have had so much business, etc. since I got back last mos. - also a new woman in my life - that I just haven't had time. BUT rest assured ... I will get some pics up soon!

The Trophy that I won was for the tallest truck, considering most at S-Series were lowered. I wasn't planning on entering my truck ... I did just go there to look and have fun, but the operators of the show came up to me and asked me to enter so I did. NOT BAD FOR A 10 MIN. CLEANUP!!! (that's all I put into it) I know its a GOOFY AWARD, but STILL, I'm happy that I got one ... FIRST SHOW I'VE EVER ENTERED! I'm looking forward to more - bigger and better ones!

Thanx 4 all of the support - look forward to the pics soon!

Curt Bizelli

P.S. CSI Missouri = Crucial Spirit Impressions has came to an end here in 2008. I'm thinking about keeping the virtual group on here so we can still meet on here, but just won't be a SOLID CLUB ANYMORE! I'll tell you more later! If you have any questions, just give me a holla, and I'll try my best to get back to you As Soon As Possible! THANX A LOT AND GOD BLESS!