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Hello all. I am in the process of converting my old R12 A/C system over to R134a. This will include a complete new system (CCOT) under the hood, with all the old stuff left stock on the inside. New condensor, compressor, lines and V.I R. Eliminator Kit from Classic Auto Air. I was wondering if anyone else has done the conversion and how they liked it. Did it get you nice cold air (unlike the old stock system that never really used to get cold). The new system sure cleans up the engine bay and I'm hoping it performs as good as it looks. Just looking for some positive feedback while I'm in the middle of changing all of this stuff over. From what I've read, the old VIR (Valve in Reciever) is not calibrated for using R134a, and let's face it, the old A6 compressors never did really have a good service life, not to mention being big and bulky. Changing that #2 spark plug always used to be something I dreaded. Any feedback from your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!