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Thinking about going Christmas shopping this year? Think again...
This year Santa's got it all covered! He's hauling it all the way to the stores and back to the North Pole so he can wrap the gifts up, and send them to you on Christmas Morning!! Since all his reindeer were killed during hunting season, he must now do Christmas the old fasion way! By using a mopet! However, if you're on the Naughty list he's just going to throw Toliet Paper All Over Your House!! Lol!
So on what list do you think you're on? The Naughty or Nice List?? And were you the one who shot and killed Santa's reindeer?!! Haha!!
All creative and interesting reponses are welcomed in the comment section below!
And remember, Santa's always watching...... and don't be surprised if he leaves a note in your wallet saying he borrowed a few bucks! After all, he clearly needs the gas money!!