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It's been over a month since I've updated our progress but what can I say? once Christmas activities start there is not much spare time.

Hubby kept very busy in the garage while I took care of family stuff. Leaf springs and rear were installed. Parts for the front end were received and installed. Then FINALLY he and our son were able to put the 1969 340 in. That was a major milestone for sure. Next the rebuilt trans went back in. The upholstery expert loves our seats. He gave us the source for factory correct houndstooth fabric and we ordered three yards from Colorado. Also ordered an Edelbrock Performer carb.

In addition to installing the carb, much other work was done. I feel sorry that I can't capture and list all the hard work to give him proper credit. Guess people who've done this before will understand the huge amount of work that goes into it.

My early Christmas present was when he started it for me for the first time. He was waiting on a top radiator hose to be delivered so couldn't leave it running for long but it was awesome to hear the rumble I'd been waiting for.

On New Year's Day we took my baby out for her first spin! My daughter caught the fun on video and I've posted it in My Videos. Go have a look at Ken easing my baby on down the street. That engine hasn't been started in over 22 years! I've driven it a few times around the neighborhood but we had a rain/sleet event and don't want to take it out if there's a chance of picking up salt or calcium from the road.

We're still waiting on the hood scoop bolts which are on backorder from Year One. The rear has a light knock so we're thinking about replacing the one with an 8 3/4 but they are hard to find for an A body. He also needs some transmission kickdown linkage which has been discontinued. Year One has aftermarket but it is really expensive so we're going to see if we can find it from another vendor for less.

I'm going to post some more photos of the work in progress. And I'll try to update more often now that Christmas and New Years are gone and the winter boredome sets in.