Filed under: 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Silver Thunder)

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Well, it's been over a year, my treatment for cancer has come and gone and finally I got my car running again today. It's been a long haul to get here, but now it's here.

The DIS heat sink is working 100% as is the new coil. My IC fan wiring harness works great. I can't believe that gas that's a year and a half old is still good either.

Now, I just have to get the tires mounted and balanced and then I can take it for a test drive. I can't wait! I've been way too long without being able to drive it. Now that it runs, I just want to drive it. But I've got to wait just a tad longer. I've got to change the oil, drop the tranny pan and install a new valve body, install new O2 sensors and get those tires mounted and balanced. Then I'm good to go for a while. I've got a couple other little things to do, but nothing right now. I'll be plenty happy to just drive it for this year... More mods will come next year... :D