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Well, my dad picked up the GT-H at Hertz here in Tampa at 1, and drove it a little until we met up with some people around 4. We were planning a trip to the drag strip with it and the Bullitt, but unfortunately it was rained out, which was obviously disappointing. Anyway, it's a great looking car. It rides nicely and has pretty good power. Unfortunately, they're all automatics, so this just reiterated my dislike of automatics. Not that it's a bad automatic, but I just like choosing my gear, and not having some indecisive computer pick it for me. Anyway... One interesting thing is that there is a wire "seal" on the engine, so if you try to remove it, the seal will break, and they'll know you tried to steal it, which makes no sense because it's the same engine that's in every other Mustang GT. It's got some bolt-ons, nothing internal, but whatever. So, that's all the interesting stuff I can think of at the moment. Basically, our real plan was ruined by the rain. Dang... really wanted to take it to the track. Well, such is life. Oh, and if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer whatever I can.