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Worked on the car this past Sunday and Monday and finally fired her up Monday night at 9:30pm. Car sounds awesome! As with every first start, we ran into a couple minor problems.
First problem is the intake manifold gasket was leaking coolant on the front passenger side. We tried tightening the manifold bolts, but they were already tight. We took the 2 front bolts out rechased the threads and the bolts went in tighter. Leaked fixed. Not sure what happened there.
After that, the thermostat housing started to leak a little coolant. I think it is warped so I'm going to buy a new one. Too bad I have to remove the blower to replace it.
The next problem was the engine cranked, but wouldn't start. After a lot of test light and voltmeter troubleshooting we discovered that the keyed ignition was only giving the MSD box 9V. The box needs 12V to work properly. Something is obviously wrong with the dash wiring (which was most likely the handywork of the previous owner).
After all that we just wanted to start the thing so we wired the box right to the battery, turned the key and the engine fired right up on the first try! No problems, backfiring, knocking, pinging, nothing - everything worked perfect. We ran the engine for about 10 minutes and then noticed fluid was coming out of the distributor hole so we shut it off. It was milky fluid. I think when we took the intake manifold bolts out to fix the first coolant leak some coolant went into the lifter valley. Now I'll have to change the oil and start the break in process again.
All in all everything went great and the stuff that did go wrong should be easily fixed. Hopefully my friends will email me the pics and video soon so I can post it up.