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well after patiently waiting thru the holding period that my bank put on my insurance check (they do this on all insurance checks) me and my hubby got to go pick her up on friday oct,2. it was a 2 1/2 hour trip that was well worth it. i handed over my down payment and they handed over the keys! :) it was the sweetest drive home i've ever had!. of course we are still learning things about her, and still have some things to figure out. the previous owner had done a few mods on her, like after market headers and 3 in exhaust the whole way. she sounds great, and has an awesome throttle response :) if my hubby can get a few days break from the rain he's wanting to put the flowmasters on this one, we both agree that they have a bit more rumble than what's on her. we also believe she's got an aftermarket axle, cause she's got positive traction. unless they come from the factory like that, i'm not sure, but she handles like a dream :) oh and we will be putting the SLP cold air induction that's on the white one onto this one. it'll work even better because this one has a true ramair hood (never got around to making the hood fully functional on the white one). she came with a big 12" sub in the back but it had to go, it looked horrible! the pioneer radio that was in her was pretty cool, but we wanted to try to put her radio back to stock because we both love the monsoon system. well mike took the radio out of the white one and for some reason the cd player wouldn't work, he had the battery unhooked but maybe the anti theft system still has something to do with it. so he put the pioneer radio w/cd player back in. oh and the black one pretty much had after market speakers throughout the car, but for some reason a few of them wasn't even hooked up. i'm thinking the previous owner tried to do it himself but really didn't know what he was doing. but anyways, mike took what monsoon speakers he needed out of the white one, and put them in this one. so we still have that great monsoon sound with a pretty cool radio. and yes i have allowed my foot to get a little heavy on the throttle, i mean i've got to have a little fun ;) eventually next year i'll have to take her down the dragstrip at bristol :) there is still alot of work to be done to get her as clean as the white one was but it ain't nothing me an mike can't handle, and he will also be busy with the engine swap. taking the best of 2 cars and putting them into one will make for one awesome ride! DRAGON BIRD HAS RISEN AND SHE IS BACK IN BLACK!!!! :)