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Inspired by Frog's YOU KNOW YOU ARE FROM NORTH CAROLINA IF..., I've compiled the top signs you're driving on Michigan roads. Enjoy. :)

14. Geologists thought they discovered a fissure in the Earth's crust on I-75. A quick call to the Department of Transportation cleared up the confusion, and a road crew was dispatched immediately.

13. Urban Jeep owners have a new extreme driving sport: "On-roading."

12. Imported Canadian garbage is used to fill the biggest potholes.

11. You see "Men at Work" signs but the freeway is deserted, nor is this the Land Down Under.

10. The people up ahead are slaloming between the orange barrels. (My cousin actually did this in Grand Rapids, MI)

9. You see laid off auto workers beside the road with signs that read, "will fill potholes for food."

8. Instead of seeing signs that read "Road Construction, Next 3 Miles," you see signs that say, "No Construction, Next 3 Miles." (As a minor note, this one is sad, but true)

7. You see construction crews building bridges over potholes instead of filling them.

6. Michigan's gravel roads are smoother than its paved ones. (Also sad but true)

5. Your shocks last only 500 miles.

4. Police don't go on high-speed chases, fearing they might suffer a blow-out.

3. Some citizens start putting man-hole covers on the biggest potholes.

2. You never know there's a pothole in the road until you've driven out of it.

1. The welcome sign for Michigan over the freeway says "Welcome to Michigan! (bump)"