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I started sim racing back in 1990 with "Indy 500: The Simulation" by Papyrus, and really got into it with "Formula 1 Grand Prix" by Microprose, both on the Amiga. Then, over the years, I drifted away from sim racing until a year or two ago, when a friend in the Porsche club re-ignited my interest.

Since then, I've been a sim racing junkie, mostly playing GTR2 and rFactor. This year I'm running in my first full season of league racing with Champion Motorsports and their ILMS series, which closely mimics the real-life ALMS series. So far I'm having a blast!

So I was just wondering: are any other Motortopians avid sim-racers? If so, do you run GTR2? rFactor? iRacing?