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??Six common errors in the car electronics maintenance vehicle method
??1, car electronics maintenance error of oil to add too much
??When there is a shortage of oil, bearing and shaft neck, occur in poor lubrication, aggravate the wear even cause the burning Wazhou accident.
??But the oil too much, the engine should also failures, i.e. at work when the crank handle, connecting rod big end will produce violent agitation, will increase the internal engine power loss, also made the spilled onto the wall of oil increases, produce burning exhaust oil fault. Therefore, the oil should be controlled in the engine oil ruler, is good.
??2, car electronics maintenance errors in blind love tire imports
??Some riders like " imported " tires, but for the European road tire in China often difficult to have good performance, especially on tire side impact resistance of special " fragile ", easily lead to fetal side bag. In fact, many foreign brands of tires in the domestic joint venture production, according to the domestic road conditions in the tyre side adds a layer of curtain cloth thereby increasing the tyre side impact.
??3, car electronics maintenance errors in vehicle equipment to increase
??The car to car owners like a mobile home, the pursuit of the car ride comfort and luxury no ground for blame, but many owners like in the car to install a variety of equipment, this conversion, if not handled properly, will affect the car performance and manipulation, easy to leave sequelae or impact on traffic safety.
??4, car electronics maintenance errors of sun damage for car wash
??The sun washed the body wash will soon dry, but also is easy to damage the car paint, because the sun, water is formed by the convex lens effects will make the car paint the top local high temperature phenomenon, for a long time, the paint will lose luster. Car washing waxing is the best in the sheltered conditions, or in cloudy or sunny in the morning, in the evening.
??5, car electronics maintenance errors " boil " busy water tank
??Water tank " boil ", many drivers are concerned about engine temperature rises again, immediately quenched with water. This is wrong. The correct method is: stop immediately, the cooling water temperature is reduced, then the engine flameout. At this time such as cooling water shortage should be slowly added.
??6, car electronics maintenance errors without long-term car or short-distance transport
??The car costs rising, many car owners began to drive less, some only in the holidays open drive. Thus, the engine and transmission parts surface due to often is in direct contact with the air condition and rust. The best way is to every few days to make the car running for thirty or forty minutes. In addition, long short-distance transport and easily hurt car, should be timely to run long-distance.
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