Filed under: 1987 Toyota Supra (D4 LeMon)

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Not a lot to report since last time. We replaced the radiator hose, but decided that the coolant is obviously getting into the engine (since it was pressurized to the point it blew out the hose) so to prevent further damage nothing is happening until the new gaskets are in place and we have made sure the heads are still ok. The gaskets should come in by Monday, but since it will be a pretty big job to change and everything it may not get done till the following weekend at the earliest. Tear-down is still in effect, removing more of the a/c components along with other unnecessary items. Today with most people busy we only got the condenser taken out and some more progress toward removing the dash to get to the dead weight components underneath. This coming week if any work is done on the car it will be to finish removing the a/c parts and get the dash off. Also, we would like to produce some sort of brochure / pamphlet to advertise the project and try to get monetary support for the safety equipment and registration fees for competition. Things you could donate toward the project if you are interested include: wheels, tires, brakes, a 6 point roll cage (even just the design), money (of course), race seats, six point harness, race suits, helmets, and fire extinguishers just to name a few items. Just send me a message, or make a comment if you would like to help out!