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Well, its that time of year... Really wishing I had my truck today. Camaros don't handle the best in the snow when you got street tires that are wider then supposed to be. Sigh. First trip i took was to take my wife to work. I got to the first bridge and tires started spinning, Nothing I could do, Foot off the gas, correct left and right and keep her on the road. Save it and keep truck-in. Then the hill... well more like a vertical sheet of ice. Just give her a lill gas and keep moving forward. keep the back end behind me, gas, let off, gas, let off. Made it. Then the trip home was all down hill..... O ya thats FUN.

Needless to say, the car will be parked a lot this winter. Now, to find a job walking distance and save money for a truck before the weather gets bad. but, with a little patience and lack of social life, i will survive the winter.