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So I finally got some time and money to do a few upgrades tot he RR. If you look at early pics of the car from when I got it, the car was "jacked up" in the back old school style and had large tires that would not fit in the fender well right

The previous owner had put American Racing Outlaw II wheels on the car, these are typically off-road style wheels, Jeep or Ford. They fitted 275/60-15 tires up back and 255/60-15 on front. These were put on 15x8.5- 4" bs and 15x7-4" bs wheels. Because of the incorrect backspacing the wheels stuck out in the back and would not fit inside the fender wells.

The car had Gabriel air shocks in back and the bags were blown out of the casing and one line leaked, instead of replacing these, they fitted some coilds on top of the rearend to the frame, this was great for straight line driving or drag racing but harsh on the road. Not to mention the butt being up in the air cause tracking problems and wild steering under braking.

I found a great deal on new Gabriel Air Jacker shocks in black for the back, $69 shipped, then I did a lot of research into finding the right wheels to fit these tires and under the fenders. I settled on ION Wheels model 625.

These are 15x8 - 4.25" bs -5 offset back and 15x7 - 3.75" bs -6 offset front. Most folks agree that the back has to be 4.5 for the wider tires to clear. I got them today, took them to Discount Tire and had them swapped, $75

They look great, when I got them home I quickly mounted them. The rears will JUST clear, shocks work great for setting the right height and right now I still have drums on the front and they look old, but I have a new disc brake kit for the front to go on in January and that will clean up the front for sure

The ride is not very nice, smooth and under braking tracks correctly. Check out my updated pics and let me know what you think. I know that other was Old School look and I did like it somewhat, but I like this look Much Much better