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Went to look around at the Spencerville Fair today.
No Car Show, but some antique equipment on display.
Anybody know the history of the Maple Leaf truck?
Enjoy the photos!

Sept 17 2007
Got some info on the Maple Leaf.

From the Reynolds Alberta Museum "The Maple Leaf 2-ton truck went on sale in the 1930's but history does not record precisely when. Mention of the Maple Leaf may first be found in advertising in 1934. The Maple Leaf immediately established itself as a threat to its arch-rival, Ford. The Maple Leaf name continued to go on 2 and 2-1/2-ton trucks until after World War II.

"In 1935 there were 167 trucks registered in Alberta with Class A freight licenses. By far the most popular were the Chevrolet 2-ton trucks, with 44 licensed."