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I just cant wait til spring time, I have so many plans for the car.

Appearance wise, Im going to have a few mods to set it apart:

-Harwood 2.5" cowl hood, black stripes on sides of cowl
-18" Eagle Alloy 077 wheels

My tails, corners, and fogs are going to get a few coats of nightshades to give it a more mean look.

Performance wise, just a couple things planned:
-New posi, and 3.42 gears

-By summertime, I plan to have new door and rear panel speakers. Hopefully an amp or two, and 2 10" subs. Im going to custom build my box to blend more with the slope of the back seats.

Other than this stuff, I have a few small mods I plan to do. Just need this winter to get over with!