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Got just a tad more done this weekend on my SC. I replaced the tensioner spring on my jackshaft tensioner with one that is MUCH stronger to help prevent additional belt slip. I was having some issues when I last had it on the dyno. I also decided to modify another tensioner (same tensioner) to see if my modifications would work.

Basically taking the stock tensioner, cutting it apart about mid-way on the arm and lengthing it by about .670". There were two reason I wanted to do this. First was to try to get a tad more belt wrap on the crank and jackshaft pullies. The other reason was to maybe be able to install a larger pulley onto the tensioner. I've got my eye on an idler pulley from Billet Flow, but in order to even install it on the tensioner, I had to lengthen it. I'm not sure that it will work though because there's not a ton of room down there. I only have about 3/4" or so (not measured, just eyeballed) clearance between the tensioner pulley and the crank pulley. So my goal is to first see if by lengthening the tensioner, it will still fit. Then I'll have to see if I have clearance enough for one of the 2 pullies that Billet Flow offers. The jackshaft pulley I have on there right now measures 75mm in diameter. I would love to be able to install the 100mm diameter pulley that they offer, but that seems unlikely at this point. They also offer a 92mm pulley that may fit the bill just a tad better. I'm not sure though as I first have to see if it will even work with the stock tensioner pulley on there... It's just another custom project that I decided to try on my car. Anything to improve performace (or consistancy in performance) is a plus. Since I had an extra tensioner available, it was an easy thing to try.

Going to try to get a socket today so I can change my O2 one that is located high up on the manifold and can only be reached by to get that special one that allows for the wires.

The tires still need to be mounted and balanced, valve body installed on the transmission, brakes bled, O2 sensor replaced, fuel filter replaced and along with the valve body, a transmission flush. Then I'll have to take it to the mechanic (because I don't want to hassle with this stuff) and get the power steering flushed, a boot replaced on the rack and pinion, a 4-wheel alignment and I think one other little thing that I can't remember right now for the life of me. :)

It's so close to being road worthy! I've got a baseline dyno coming up in May as part of a larger dyno tune, so it's got to be ready by then...and it will be...I can't wait to drive it again!