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This past weekend I took my daughter on a fun few days aong US 41 'alligator-alley' we became stranded...major mechanical failure...a few hundred miles outside most roadside assist towing plans. I just wanted to share my solution...and maybe it will hep somebody else in a like situation as many of us have older machines w/o warranty etc... My 700 R tranny gave up and died... it happens with these GMs...and I selected moving forward to a safer area sacraficng internal transmission condition...I had a 12 yea old with me haha... My towing options were great except the range...additional 5 to 7 dollars per mile extra for extra distance. Sacrificing the tranny guts for a safer area resuled in no neutral...'P' became drive...only low gear working and slipping after a few minutes... I found a 'Budget Truck Rental location. For $260 I soon had a box truck I did not need but a flat-bed car hauling trailer I did need (vs. a 2 wheel dolly) I rented it Thursday and it does not need to go back to any Budget facitlity until Saturday afternoon...Thats what I would have spent on gas anyway...and that price included unlimited miles! So...if you ar too far away for normal towing...too far away from buddies with hauling equipment...dont want anyone messing with your stuff where you are stranded...and its too expensive or complicated where you are stranded...dont panic...this is a great option and it was newer stuff, cheaper and in better condition then the guys with the orange rentals! I always wondered what I would do if I were 1000 or even 1500 miles away...I could have done this for 16 hours and 1400 miles and still had the set-up back at a budget facility by Saturday! Justn thought I pass this along!