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You ever look around and think "Why do I have all of this stuff!"? When I was twenty years old, I could fit everything I owned into the trunk of my '66 Coronet. Fast-forward a bunch of years, and the extra parts i have just for my Coronet, I'd be lucky to put in it! Never mind the ten other vehicles and their associated parts, tools, and assorted automobilia that I've collected over the years! Thank the Lord I have a big-ass shop to stuff my stuff in!

I have a bad habit of picking up project cars. I see the potential in them. My latest, a '77 Cordoba with a 400 and automatic (no Corinthian leather, damn!) has a puking tranny front seal that pisses out fluid as fast as you can put it in when the car is running. Traded a 383 and automatic for the car, and it is tagged and titled! It sits in the shop, waiting for me to spend a day to pull the tranny and put a new seal in it.

The car prior to it is a '48 Ford Deluxe 8 two-door sedan. It's a roller only. My first thought with it was to put that body on a mid-'70s big Bronco frame and running gear and build a mudder or lake truck from it! It, too, sits waiting...

Another one I had to save was a '65 F250 4x2 big-block truck. Actually got it running in May, after owning it for over two years and doing absolutely nothing to it! So it sits, awaiting a brake job and an exhaust to be drivable on the street...

Think that is enough? Oh,no! I also picked up a 1980 Chrysler T&C wagon. Bought it just for the wheels that were on it, but I grew a bit attached to the car. Got the 225 running without problems, so now I have a fairly decent woody wagon that runs; plus with gas getting near four bucks, that little one-barrel 225 would get decent-enough mileage to be a driver!

So. I have four projects, three of which could be put on the road with a weekend's worth of time and a few dollars in parts. Along with that, my wife's Chrysler needs a power steering pump and my Coronet also needs a front seal in the transmission. My Terraplane needs the running boards attached and the paint color-sanded and buffed, too! Too many things going on at one time.

I have what I call "Garage ADD". I'll be working on one car, turn around and look at one of the others and then start working on it,instead of finishing what I was working on in the first place!

Can't afford to actually GO anywhere, so I suppose I'll have my own little "car show" in my shop, every time i go out there...Guess I'll just have to deal with that!