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Americans have been always counted to be doing the right thing. However this thing comes into picture once they have exhausted all their possibilities. The ally across the pond was duly noted by one Mr. Winston Churchill. Judging by the growing US aversion of 4x4s and SUVs as also the number of anti SUV songs on the web, he had a point to make.

Well, the SUVwas actually born in US. It was actually a term used to describe the fancied up rudimentary 4x4s. It seems now that the sun is finally setting down on these monsters. As of now, the buzz in the auto industry says that the maximum the gas price goes, the minimum the vehicle size becomes. At $4 plus for a gallon in America, SUVs are gasping for gas. Only the thought of shelling out $100 for a tankful must be forcing many Yankees to leave their yadda doodles on the highway. Check with the trends catching up where Jeep Cherokees have abandoned their Grand moniker, the Hummer is an old patch on the SUV or rather automobile landscape and the Ford Excursions costing an arm and more than a leg. Some two decades ago, the SUV craze caught up with Americans. The growth in the suburban housing market and depressed oil prices wherein gas cost as low as $1 per gallon in the late 90s. This led Americans to swap their bigger than life sedans for even bigger SUVs. Some of the fashion decked SUVs were the Passports, Rodeos, Excursions and Mountaineers. Some like the Hummers, Cruisers, Wranglers and also the Blazers joined them. Nissan which was also setting its foot into the American territory got its SUV, the Rogue and pressed it into duty in America. Beautiful was thrown out of the window and ugliness came to be accepted. Popular SUV bumper stickers read as “The roads are all mine”, “If no road exists, then I make my own”. Too big to fail” and also “My bigger would crash your Prius and eat it for lunch”. Many provocative or deterring stickers like “Bin Laden is using your gas money “ had little or nil impact on the SUV buyers. Well Mr Laden himself was forgotten for quite some days until recently.

n the mid-to-late decade with the heat generated by global warming debates, rising oil prices and the all too important growing environmental consciousness, the craze and madness for SUV subsidized . Moreover, in the summer of 2008, when gas prices hit the $4 mark, the eco brigade from America were all the more happy that finally Americans have come to their senses. However luck eluded the eco-brigade as gas prices were halved to below the $2 mark and Americans were revving up the SUV alley again. The Anti-SUV sticker, “Do you really need a SUV to carry your mobile phone” was replaced by the “My truck, My rules”.