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Things are slowly moving along with the Trans Am. The radiator was recently re-cord (it was in really rough shape) and the fan clutch was also replaced.

I also ordered and received personalized antique tags "78 WS6" which do not have to be renewed each year like traditional license plates (although there is a mileage restriction on them.


My Trans Am is finally running and on the road although I still need to find another carburetor. I put probably a 100 miles on my car Saturday, June 6th, driving it from Hampton to Munden Point Park (on the far end of Virginia Beach) and back, to participate in a club picnic. Other than driving it to a local muffler shop a couple of weeks earlier to have some welding done on the exhaust, this was the first time in six years the T/A had been driven. My odometer just flipped over 76,000 miles on this trip.

Mind you, there is a ton of work to be done. My water temperature gauge does not work, the car will not start (after sitting for long periods) without pouring a little bit of gasoline into the top of the carburetor, it seriously needs a paint job, and the interior needs to be completely redone. All of which I have no money to complete :(.

Anyway, it feels good just to have drivin the car and to let others see it.



Work has slowly begun in an effort to bring my Trans Am back to life and get her back on the road. The W72 motor was brought back to life in November after an oil, plugs and wires change, but with a carburetor off of a donor Oldsmobile engine while an attempt is made to rebuild the original carburetor.

The air breather was soda blasted by Tidewater Soda Blasting (, and then I repainted it.

We discovered a leak at the gas tank back in November while letting the engine idle for about an hour (listening for any noises that would be evidence of damage to the motor). So we pulled the gas tank today (17 Jan 09) and replaced the fuel and vapor lines. We also replaced most of the vacuum lines on the motor.