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I took out the 62 Starfire convertible for its first decent ride around town to see how she performed.

My first observation was that the slim jim transmission truley lived up to its reputation... garbage! The first to second upshift was slow and the second to first downshift was terrible! Shakes, clunks, and sputters seem to be the "norm" but once I got it into second and then third she ran great!

Also there is a thumping noise at idle... might be the damper plate, these slim jims do not have convertors, and this ***could*** explain the terrible downshifts.

Have to replace the exhaust system down the line as it leaks, probably due to the blind person who welded in sections of pipe.

Front end seemed ok, not too sloppy, and the rear is non- posi.

OK thats all for now!

God bless you all!