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ok for those who were wondering about my dads accident this is what happened. My dad was making a right hand turn onto a side street in my home town on his way to take my sister to her dentist appointment. As my dad was making the turn a Ford Ecoline van tried to pass him on the right. The van hit the rear of my dads car right before the rear bumper connected to the rest of the car. From that point down the truck and my dads car were scraping down each others side. In the end it ripped the front bumper half way off, broke the mirror on the passenger side, put a huge dent in the door and right before the door, snapped the steering rod, snapped the front axle, broke first gear of the transmission, and bent the rim of the car. All of which made the final cost of all the damages $7600 for 100% repair. There was a problem because KBB only says its worth $7400. So after arguements with the other guys insurance company my dad got his car 100% fixed. He just picked it up this past week and he says its driving fine. But after my nosey ass added up all the cost for everything, including the month and the half of a rental, the insurance put out over $15000 just for this one little accident. I was amazed about the cost. But its apparently average for something like that.....who knew????

I'll add pictures that my dads sent me of the car before it got fixed later when i have time.