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Well the Beretta went down the road in September. I wasn't able to get on here to tell you guys quick enough. I have been busier than hell. She was stripped down and the shell was taken to a local scrap yard. She was in worse shape than what the IROC is in! HUGE rot holes in the A frame and the pillars, not to mention the entire underneath was about ready to fall apart. She got me around 250 bucks so that lessened the blow a little bit. I'm still on the hunt for another one but I want at GTZ, Z26 or GTU for my next one. It would have to be a 5 speed as well. But no luck yet finding one. If you guys know of one please tell me where and how much. Thanks guys for your support and challenges with this car. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Maybe there might be another more top of the line Beretta one here before the year is out but I dunno quite yet.