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Haven't really done anything to the car since last spring when I did a 4L80E tranny swap. Last summer was the first summer I actually drove the car for the whole cruise season without having a mechanical issue. Hooray for that!
Now that spring is here, I got the itch to do some work on my car before the nice weather arrives. Seems like these spring upgrades are becoming an annual event. This year I decided to do something that really wasn't very difficult - upgrade the rims and tires. I sold a 327 engine I had in the garage to fund the new purchase - that way the wife couldn't be mad at me. Get rid of one thing to buy something else.
I ended up getting some Boss 338 rims (black with polished lip) off Ebay. Fronts are 18x8 and rear are 18x9.5. They were a great deal - $630 for all four wheels, lugnuts, center caps AND shipping. For tires, I bought Sumitomo HTR Z II from Tirerack. Total for everything was only $1100. I also did some brake work since the wheels were off. I installed Earl's braided stainless steel brake hoses and ceramic pads up front. I wish I had more extra money because Wilwood makes a direct fit dual piston caliper. Those would look nice now that you can see them through the rim. Oh well, there's always next year.