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OK, I have been working on this car for about two months solidly now. I am still stoked about it but, old nasty bolts suck. Any way this post's purpose is to chronicle the time from my acquiring the vehicle to its current state. This may take a few posts to get out.

About two years ago a co-worker of my father's had a scirocco that had broken something in the engine. He wasn't sure what it was and so started disassembling the motor. I know that he took off the head, since he put it back on I assume that it wasn't the problem. I am told he then removed the oil pan and found bearing bits in it, and that he saw a piece of main bearing peeking out from the crank shaft. At this point he decided to sell the car. My father told me about it.

I was interested in it at the time but only for the rims. I also have an 82 diesel rabbit that is rolling on steelies. I figured I could pick up the car, steal the rims and then send the rest off to be scrapped.

When I initially inquired about the car the previous owner told me he wanted $250. I really wasn't interested in the car at $250 because all I wanted was the rims. So he basically told me to shove off as the car was worth more than that and he wouldn't sell for less. So I gave up on it.

About two months later he had decided to leave and move somewhere else for a more profitable job. He still hadn't sold the car so he decided to scrap it. From what my father tells me the guy couldn't find a scrap yard that would pay to take the vehicle so the guy was stuck into paying $50 to have it towed to the scrap yard and they would reimburse him the towing charge to get it there. At this point my father caught wind of it and persuaded the previous owner to sell the car to my father for $50 and then he wouldn't have to worry about towing it to the scrap yard and i would get my rims.

So my father bought the car and told me to come get the rims. Fortunately I then looked at the car and discovered that apart from the passenger door there was no rust on the car. After that I was captured by the odd beauty of the scirocco and the pervasive masochism that inhabits all people that like to work on volkswagens. I couldn't steal the rims off this car, let alone scrap it.

To be continued.....