Filed under: 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Silver Thunder)

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Well, I took advantage of the relatively warm weather today. I took another step closer to getting my SC back on the road. I went out and got it up on jackstands since I hadn't done this yet. I've got 4 new tires for it to put on anyway. I got my intercooler removed and discovered why my fan on it didn't work. Turns out the belt or the power steering pulley wore right through the negative wire and part-way through the positive. Yes, that was probably contributing to my electrical woes. I also took a look at the relay. Looks like I need to re wire the whole mess of them. The wires are all breaking off. I believe this was due to the fact that I pulled the wires very tight in an effort to keep them out of the way of the belt and power steering pulley...apparently that didn't work! LOL! I also got the battery removed as well as finished getting the alternator removed. Now I just need to get it disassembled so that I can get the bolts/screws/nuts chromed.

However, I am now again at a stand still in this project as I have to get the small stuff chromed before I can put it all back together. On a better note, I did locate some better water tight plugs that I can use for any of that engine compartment stuff. The plugs I've been using are fine, but they are not that high of quality or appearance. Problem is justifying the crimping tool to my costs nearly $50 for a very seldom used tool...