Filed under: 2004 Pontiac GTO (The People Eater)

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My intent with this car from the beginning has been this; I want it to be quicker in the 1/4 mile than the current Corvette Z06 (I am shooting for 11.7 or better Sec) WITHOUT ANY loss in driveabilty, handling, or fuel economy. I want NO compromises.

I think I am well underway. I beleive the car has the power to run low 12's right now based on what I have seen other GTO's run with this power level and trap speed. My 12.6 runs were with tire spin through 1st gear, and very high intake air temps. (~165 Deg F, normal for the car is around 110 - 120)

Thanks to the Vector tune there is no perceptable change in driveability, and amazingly, day to day fuel economy has gone UP by about 20%. Stock I used to get about 21 MPG, now it is easy to get 25 - 26 MPG.

If there is enough cash left in the budget from the body work (spoiler and rear bumper change) I am going to try to get some long tube headers on it. I would also like to get some valve springs in it. The tune currently has the rev limiter set a few hundred RPM low due to the weak stock springs. If I didn't have to worry about valve float, we could go up another few hundred RPM. Look at my dyno chart - HP was still climbing at the rev limiter, a few hundred more RPM will let that HP climb farther.

If that doesn't get me where I want to be I guess there are still the options of more boost, heads, cams, etc. The car is still mostly stock, there is plenty of room to grow.

I don't think I want more power beyond that. I don't want to get to the point of needing major fuel system upgrades, or expensive driveline upgrades. Also the car is tire limited. My Nitto drag radials are rubbing - I can't get any more tire on there, and these are already difficult to hook up.

Plans beyond that goal? I guess I will work on the appearance. I'd like new wheels, I have never liked the style of wheels the GTO got. I'd also like the HSV body parts.

Stay tuned.