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I had only read about DUI cases till then, heard about it on the evening news. I never drink and drive and with million other tensions hovering in my mind all day, my only way of relaxation is my drive back home. The road I take stays relatively empty and listening to John Denver croon Country Roads makes those tensions ease away at least for that moment.

That Friday after work was no different. On the road, driving my car I was enjoying my favorite music, when out of nowhere a blue Toyota Camry, swerved into me and dashed into my headboard. All I remember is the wind shield splitting into tiny pieces. What happened after that? I don't know. But I do know that today I am on a wheelchair, I have lost one of my legs but I still feel incredibly lucky that I am alive.

The driver of the car was drunk. He hardly had any control over the wheel. Sloshed after a party he chose to drive the car anyway. Drunk driving that was an unknown phenomenon to me till now; one I thought I would never meet came with striking force and greeted me. This post is for all victims of drunken driving accident, it tells you how to deal with this catastrophic event in your life. But this post is also for all those who indulge in drunk driving and risk not only their own lives but lives of many others on the road.

Driving Under Influence Can Claim Lives

Illegal substances and higher degrees of alcohol in the system leads to the slowing down of the brain and this can affect your motor co-ordination. You do not really know where your car is moving or at what speed it is going. This is obviously dangerous. On the other hand, sometimes consuming certain illegal drugs can also lead to hyperactivity in our system. We feel happy, we feel super energetic and with cars and speed being synonymous, in our state of exhilaration end up speeding excessively. We also end up losing control and hitting somebody with all the force of the car. When a vehicle hits another with such speed, the occupants can get struck very badly and the driver may lose his life on the spot when the force and injuries are very grave.

The Question I ask is "Is that momentary high or feeling of elation really worth more than a life?" if you are really passionate about driving and speed, driving while sober and while following safety rules can be just as thrilling and satisfying.

When You Are Left With a Disability after an Accident

Most road accidents (though it is not your fault) cause severe injuries and sometimes leave you with permanent disability and paralysis. The anguish, the pain, the inability to do all those things you did so easily earlier without any fault of your own is bound to make you feel sad and angry at life. But don't let these overwhelm you. Fight for regaining your life and the first step to that would be regular consultation with your doctor and doing all that the doctor asks you to improve your condition. The next person who is going to be by your side and help you seek complete compensation and justice is your drunk driving accident lawyer. The medical bills, the morale will be low and financially and psychologically it is going to be a difficult situation. Having an expert and empathetic lawyer is extremely needed in this process of readjustment. If you experience some fear and depression occasionally post the accident, take help from a counselor or psychologist as well.

When Drinking Under Influence, the Threats You Pose to Yourself

Marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol slows your reaction time and also causes hallucinations. The BAC (blood alcohol level) is strictly defined at 0.8 and when found to exceed these limits the punishment the driver can face includes heavy fines, house arrest, electronic monitoring, community service as well as jail. The charge permanently stays on your record and is a black spot that can hinder you from progressing in various fields of life. Those with a DUI charge is looked at with suspicion by colleges for further study as well as prospective employers.

It is also pretty common that DUI drivers themselves stand a great chance to be severely injured and hurt when they meet with an accident. Research and statistics say that crashes in which alcohol is involved tend to be much more severe and those indulging in drunk driving are much less likely to wear seat belts thus increasing the chances of receiving deadly injuries.

To Conclude

I can only say that drunk driving is as much a menace to the perpetrator as it is to the victim. Those with a true passion for cars and road trips are ones who enjoy every little bit of the drive, who love experimenting with all the amazing new features being included in cars these days and who would not drink and drive because the thrills, the adventures the road offers become much lesser when you are in a state of semi consciousness. And the days you do drink stay over till you are fit to drive or book a designated driver for yourself. It will save you, your car and many other lives on the road.