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So let me start by stating that I worked for a company called Clive Maaco. In the course of the refinishing of my Monte Carlo, things were going smoothly. I thought that I had built a decent relationship with my managers at work.

We had an agreement to work after hours, off clock, and I could take off all I wanted, as long as it was off clock. Now, I started to pull it apart, and they started to complain that I was taking too long with the project. Granted, it did take longer than I was expecting, but it's my car, that was my Grandfathers, so I'm not gonna let half-ass work be done, and new issues kept arising as I prepped the vehicle for paint. I busted my feet every chance I got to make sure it was getting done swiftly.

I had told my "managers" that I wanted to spray the Monte, as it was my car, with the only stipulation to it was that another painter be there in case things went wrong. Well, the day came and I began spraying. Instantly I noticed my pattern was wrong and the material wasn't laying out flat like it should. So I went to grab my manager. Nobody was at the shop. So I called and they gave me some tips to try, checked my settings. But nothing was changing. I sprayed away hoping it would blend out as I laid another coat. Regardless, all was gone, I had to re-prep the vehicle again and re-spray it.

Now, since it was my mess up, I agreed to pay for extra material to spray it again. Even though they fell through on their end, but whatever.

We went to spray it again. I had our head painter spray this time. Well, the fun began.

While he was spraying, our desiccant system broke and water came through the air hose on the last coat. Frustrated, I prepped the ENTIRE vehicle again, with hopes nothing would happen the next time.

Round 3. Same, but this time way worse. My worthless "managers" told me they've had enough with the car and weren't supplying material for it to be sprayed again. I had 1 day to reassemble the car and get it out of the shop.

Furious, I put 80% of it back together before I got kicked out of the shop, and they told me to take my car with me and come back on monday for work.

I left my car in the shop, as it had no rear windows, or nose/headlights and couldn't drive it home. They called me at 8PM and told me if I didn't come get it, they were having it towed out of the shop and I would pay the bill.

At the edge of my wits, I came and picked up the car, tried to get a police escort, which fell through (as it's a police liability). And had to leave the car outside the shop with no cover and no windows in. The officer was kind enough to check on it every hour since the station was only 4 blocks away (and I greatly appreciate his kindness).

I had to wetsand for 6 hours a day (after 8 hour shifts at work), for a solid 2 months (deprived social life, I know). I had to do 3 rounds of clear dabbing with exceeded 250 dabs each round.

After all was said and done, I got most of the fisheyes to block flat and unnoticable. And maybe have around 30 small bumps in my clear from them not sanding completely flat. I did burn through in a few places, but luckily having sprayed it so many times, the clear coats bled with each other and you can barely notice where they are (unless you do body work as a profession haha).

All in all she still looks great, and I get compliments all the time. But the truth is, the milpoint is way past its spec, and It only takes a decent rock to put a 1/4" deep chip in my hood or nose. And if I ever want to paint it again, I have to strip it to metal and start over.


This is the story behind the paintjob, and I'm still mad about being screwed over. But, life goes on, and you realize how low people are, and you can be proud of yourself when you realize how hard you work and how below you they really are.