Filed under: 1987 Toyota Supra (D4 LeMon)

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Today we got the key in from the locksmith and despite looking extremely simple (pictures to come) it actually worked! So since we were now able to steer we found a good spot to drive it off the trailer minus ramps since the ones available didn't work but it wasn't too far of a drop off the trailer. So a select few got a chance to take it for a spin (those that knew how to drive a standard) and upon pulling up to show off to the guys from the floor that came outside to look at it, a radiator hose blew. Which was perfect timing since Ryan Merrick was behind the wheel revving the engine for the crowd when it blew with a big bang and smoke rolled out from under the hood when the coolant hit the block. If only we could have captured it on video! So now along with gaskets we will be needing a new hose, which is no big deal but again it is undrivable. :( Hopefully by this coming weekend we can get some video of the car so you can see and hear it!